Tray Chic! Ideas for staying beautifully organized & chic

Striped Fashionable Tray for organization

There are just something you want at your fingertips, all the time.

You know what I mean. You don’t want them tucked away. How can work or dress accessories always look neat and chic while lying around?

Whether you need to keep items out on your work desk or displayed in a walk in closet, trays are a great way to organize and keep neat, while looking ultra chic. Here is a helpful roundup of beautiful organization trays to match your mood!

Enjoy these lovely ideas…

White Acrylic Tray

Nothing says clean and chic like white. It evokes crispness and relaxation. Touches of gold seem to pop on a white ground.
White Acrylic Tray

Personalized Lucite Trays

A touch of elegance and sophistication is what you feel when you see your own personal stamp on a tray, everyday to look at!
Monogrammed Lucite Tray

Porcelain Dish Trays

What better way to hold little trinkets, rings, watches or anything than in a beautiful decorative dish. It can be solid, patterned or with a personalized word or message.
J.Crew Porcelain Dishes

Pop It Out Loud

Bright pops of color make a statement and an instant mood boost! They wonderful and versatile assorted trays hold many little goodies and come in a skittle of rainbow colors!
Pool Blue Acrylic Tray

Work It Out

Desk organization doesn’t have to be a chore or ugly! This adorable neat and narrow tray hold everything compact and chic.
Computer Desk Tray

Only The Essentials

When you want to keep it simple, what better way than specialized cut outs for specific items. Simply beautiful!

Sparkle & Shine

Add a visual remonder of some everyday glam with metallic touches of gold
Kate Spade Tray

Drawer Organization

A home for everything, so the saying goes. Placing trays inside drawers can cut threw the clutter and keep items in their proper home.
Drawer Organization

Pool Blue Desktop Tray Set
Classic Station: Desk Caddy
Birdaria Lucite Trays
Storage Trays from West Elm
Personalized Lucite Trays from Beau Coup