10 Steps to an Organized Closet

Luxury Walk In Closet

Remove everything

It’s the best way to get a clear view of what you have. Divide items into piles: keep, donate, toss. If you haven’t worn it in a year, pass it on. Visit locator.goodwill.org for nearby drop-off locations.

Polish and shine

Take the time to give your closet a deep cleaning: Dust the shelves, wipe surfaces, and vacuum or sweep/mop the floor.

Swap out plastic dry cleaner bags

which can trap moisture and cause garments to yellow, for more clothing-friendly canvas bags instead.

Elegant Wooden Hangers

Discard flimsy wire hangers

They can leave clothes disheveled. Well made hangers will help keep blouses and dresses wrinkle free and give your closet and overall more quality and luxe feeling.

Organize by type

When clothes are sorted, they’re easier to organize further (e.g., blouses by color). Once they’re in sections, they look neater and are a breeze to locate.

Hang what you can

For closets with two hanging levels, use the top rod for shorter garments, and hang the bottom rod as high as possible to keep clothes from grazing the floor. Fold items that are less likely to wrinkle (like jeans and sweaters) on shelves.


Show off your shoes (Yay!)

Keep the pairs you wear most often in sight: If you have the space, organize them on a rack with the right shoe facing forward and the left toward the wall, so the toe and heel are in clear view.

Think high and low

Make use of floor space or upper closet shelves to hold shoe racks or clear, stackable bins. Store out-of-season clothes, like jackets or swimsuits, in separate containers with easy-to-read labels.

Hang accessories

such as belts and bags on hooks to keep them visible while minimizing clutter.

Original source: Coastal Living